Why Choose
A Lighter Me

With A Lighter Me, you’re never alone. Our team in the USA and Mexico is with you every step of the way.

Our Drivers

Start your stay with a smile.

We take first impressions seriously. Our drivers will have you smiling in no time!

Our drivers aren’t Uber or taxi drivers. They’re licensed drivers and a part of the A Lighter Me family. They’ll pick you up at the San Diego airport in one of our company vans and will have you laughing and smiling on the way to Tijuana! They’ll also return you to the airport after your stay (5 – 7 days later depending on your surgery).

Our Welcome Center team is here to help!

Welcome Center

Relax, meet other patients and chat with friends.

You’re never alone at A Lighter Me. At other companies patients have no idea what they’re supposed to do or when / where to be. At A Lighter Me you get checked into your hotel room by the staff at the welcome center. You don’t even need to check in yourself!

Watch a movie on a large screen TV, use a computer to chat with friends and family at home or relax and visit with other patients. If you have any questions the staff is here to help. 

You can visit the welcome center anytime.


Meet your Patient Advocate team.

While at the hospital the Patient Advocates of A Lighter Me are there to assist you and your guest. They can make a phone call home for you once you are out of surgery, or give your guest recommendations for their meals. Anything you need while at the hospital, these ladies are there for you.

Your Patient Advocates

A Hotel With Support

Our team stays with you after surgery.

We take your comfort and recovery seriously. At other companies, once you’re released from the hospital you’re on your own. You either go to a regular hotel or go home and that may happen after only 1 day at the hospital or clinic!

Our team will make sure you have everything you need and you’re feeling well. If you need anything from your doctor our staff can connect you with him or arrange transportation back to the hospital if you request or if needed.

After your 2 to 3 day post op hospital stay, at ALM you will be visited daily and often.
You'll stay in a hotel designed for post-surgery care.

Grand Care Floors

A hotel built for weight loss surgery recovery.

Other companies use a regular hotel for patients to finish their recovery after hospital release. At ALM we have access to 2 floors at the Grand Care section of the Grand Hotel. 

These floors are specially designed for bariatric and plastic surgery patients to finish their recovery after hospital release. These floors have a lobby and reception desk of their own. If you need anything you can call or visit the front desk that is just steps away from your door. 

All rooms have grab bars in the bathroom and are modeled after a hospital room and hospital bathroom. Hospital beds available if requested.

What Makes Us Different

A Lighter Me has had over 10,000 successful surgeries since we’ve been in business since 2002. Our surgeons can help with additional surgeries such as gall bladder removal, hernia repair, etc. 

You’re never alone from the moment you’re picked up in San Diego to the minute you return. We have everything planned out for you and you will be guided through every step of the way.

We care about your comfort, safety and success even after you return home. We offer patient aftercare support including an aftercare support website.

Licensed, registered company shuttle vehicles with our drivers, not personal cars, taxis or Ubers, etc.

We have medical passes for shorter border crossing times.

All of our coordinators who you work with to schedule your surgery have had the surgery.