What to Pack for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana

Deciding what to pack for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is not as simple as packing for a relaxing weekend getaway. You’ll bring items that you wouldn’t typically need on a vacation, and some items aren’t even available in Mexico.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive packing list, including clothes, over-the-counter drugs to help with recovery and other miscellaneous items.

Although what you need to bring depends on how long you’re planning to stay, most people who undergo bariatric surgery are in Mexico for about a week.

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That’s what we’ll be using for this packing list, but if you are planning to stay longer than a week, you’ll want to bring more than what we recommend.

However, before going any further it’s important to note that YOU MUST remember to bring your passport. You won’t be able to cross the border if you do not bring it with you — no exceptions.

Aside from your passport, clothes are the second most important thing to bring, so let’s start there.

List of Clothes to Pack for a Week in Tijuana

Much like California, Tijuana’s weather does not change a lot throughout the year, which means your trip does not have a huge impact on what type of clothes you should bring with you.

During the hottest time of the year — between July and September — the average peak temperature is only 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

And, during the coldest months of the year — January through March — the average temperature drops to an average of only 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

For a seven-day trip to Tijuana, you should pack at least the following clothing items:

  • Three or four short-sleeve shirts
  • Two pairs of shorts or skirts
  • Two pairs of pants
  • One sweater
  • One rain jacket
  • One pair of sneakers
  • One pair of sandals or open-toed shoes
  • One bathing suit

In addition, you’ll want to pack an appropriate number of underwear and socks.

And, keep in mind that dry, desert areas tend to get a lot cooler at night than during the day, so if you get cold easily, consider taking a jacket in addition to a sweater.

Items That Will Help You Recover Post-op

Following surgery, it’s going to take time for your body to adjust to its new stomach. In order to make recovery easier, there are a few other items you should bring with you to Tijuana.

Gas build up, which causes bloating and flatulence, is extremely common after gastric sleeve surgery. In order to relieve it, you’ll want to bring some Gas-X with you. Not only that, but Gas-X is not available in Mexico, so once you arrive you’ll have no way of buying any.

You also should consider buying some Imodium, as many patients experience diarrhea post operation.

A heating pad may also come in handy. After your surgery, the areas where incisions were made will likely be sore and swollen. In order to help relieve pain and reduce swelling, place the heating pad over the affected areas. A heating pad can also alleviate numbness in those areas.

Miscellaneous Supplies That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you bring everything we’ve already mentioned in this article, you’ll at least have everything you need. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other items you can bring that will make your life easier. So why not bring them?

In addition to clothes and key recovery items, we’d suggest you bring the following:

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Flushable wipes
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen

The refillable water bottle is included because Mexico’s tap water is not safe to drink. And, although you could buy a pack of plastic water bottles once you arrive, it’s way more cost effective — and environmentally friendly — to buy five-gallon jugs and refill your bottle.

Additional Packing Tips for Traveling to Tijuana

One of the best parts about this packing list is that it all fits in a carry-on bag, which is great because you’ll be traveling with items you can’t replace — in the case your checked bag was lost.

If, however, you have trouble fitting everything in a carry-on bag, you can purchase packing cubes for your clothes, which should help free up space in your bag for other items.

Also, remember that any toiletries you bring with you must meet the TSA’s 3.4-ounce maximum requirement. One option is to buy travel-compliant containers and pour in just enough soap, shampoo, lotion and anything else you’re looking to bring.

One last thing: before looking online for outlet adapters for your phone charge, laptop charger, or anything else you plan to plug in, note that your standard, American chargers will work just fine in Tijuana.

Whether you have already scheduled your surgery with us or if you’re still in the planning stages, please contact us if you have any questions regarding traveling to Tijuana for weight loss surgery or what to bring with you.