Many ask the question, “Am I a candidate for weight loss surgery?”

The proper answer is: Not everybody is an acceptable candidate for bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery. Typically, bariatric surgery is seen as the last resort – where medical intervention is needed to reduce the high risks caused by obesity.

Weight Loss Surgery is intended for people who have a high Body Mass Index (BMI), typically of 30.0 or higher. People below this BMI are not considered good candidates unless there are other health factors involved.

People who suffer from obesity caused by genetic factors could be considered good candidates. Individuals who have serious, elevated risk for disease or a life-threatening condition because of their obesity are considered good candidates for weight loss surgery.

Health factors that would influence a doctor’s recommendation are Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Sleep Apnea, and others.

There are typically age restrictions to bariatric surgery; 18-65 years of age are acceptable candidates to bariatric surgery.

Other requirements for bariatric surgery could include people who are not addicted to drugs, and have good mental health.

Good candidates are considered if their obesity exists for over five years. Candidates who have been considered obese (based on BMI) for only a few years may not be considered the best candidates for bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Candidate Information

Only a professional, qualified bariatric physician or surgeon can tell you if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery. Talk to a specialist today and discuss the different weight loss surgery options, and the average cost of bariatric surgery.

Patient information on bariatric surgery may be required for candidacy. Knowledge of the risk factors associated with bariatric surgery and weight loss surgery expectations are sometimes required for candidacy.

Are you coming close to meeting these requirements for weight loss surgery? Contact a weight loss specialist at A Lighter Me.

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