Best Things to Do in Tijuana, Mexico

In order to experience everything Mexico’s sixth largest city has to offer, consider adding some extra time to explore when you schedule your weight loss procedure. To help give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to do in Tijuana. Keep reading to find out what made our list.

Avenida Revolucion, the main tourist strip in Tijuana, Mexico.

1. Take a Walk Down Avenida Revolucion

Locals know this famous street as ‘La Revu;’ it’s the major tourist strip in Tijuana.

Here, you can take a selfie with a zebra-striped donkey or buy yourself an authentic Mexican sombrero. The strip is littered with galleries and shops where you can buy postcards, t-shirts and other souvenirs. You can also buy quality handicrafts, jewelry, and other luxury items from a variety of boutique shops.

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2. Learn About Tijuana at the Centro Cultural Tijuana

One of the main cultural center buildings houses the only IMAX theater in Tijuana. It has a unique spherical shape, which is where its nickname, La Bola, comes from.

In addition, there’s The Cube building, which houses international exhibitions. There’s also the Museo de las California, which has a permanent exhibition highlighting the region’s history, going all the way back to the prehistoric period.

The center has several other spaces for temporary exhibits that rotate throughout the year. Make sure you check in advance to see which exhibitions will be available during your planned trip to Tijuana.

3. Check out a Traditional Market

In addition to the modern shopping experience, you should explore a traditional Mexican market. Tijuana has a few of these, with Mercado Hidalgo being the main one. Here, you can buy Mexican candies and other authentic souvenirs.

4. Experience the Bullring by the Sea

While some refer to bullfighting as an art, others refer to it as a horrific form of animal abuse. The Baja California State Congress has even considered banning it due to its potentially inhuman and cruel nature. However, since it’s still legal, you can watch it live at the Plaza Monumental de Tijuana.

In Spanish, the bullring is called the Fiesta Brava, which means Bullring by the Sea in English. The tradition of bullfighting was imported in the 16th century from Spain and became popular in northern Mexico. It is practiced between May and September.

The iconic building houses the third largest bullring in the world; it has a capacity of 20,000 and features 1960s Postmodern architecture.

5. Visit the Plaza Santa Cecilia

This is one of Tijuana’s oldest squares; it’s located at Avenue Revolucion and Calle Primera. Walking through the plaza will allow you to experience traditional Tijuana.

It’s also the location of the Tijuana Arch, a modern and iconic structure that represents the city and symbolizes the connection between the US and Mexico. Its modernistic design contrasts the traditional arches located behind the stage of the plaza.

The plaza also is home to many dance performances and concerts. You can easily catch a mariachi band playing or even a Mexican folk dance show.

6. Make Time to Lounge on the Beach

You can visit some amazing beaches in Tijuana, or even take a thirty-minute drive to Rosarito, a beach town that is along the coast. You can bask in the sun, make sand castles, enjoy the sea breeze and dip your feet in the water.

7. Head to the Trompo Interactive Museum

This is an ideal activity if you’re traveling with kids. You can see cultural shows, watch an exciting movie in the theatre hall, play games, and learn about science and technology in interesting and fun ways.

8. Go to the Tijuana Wax Museum

A good wax museum is a rare find, and Tijuana has one of the best. The facility opened in 1993, and it’s home to wax recreations of a wide variety of celebrities and historical figures. Some of the recreations include Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Lola Beltrán, and Pedro Infante.

Additionally, the museum has a special collection showcasing Mexican heroes and fictional characters, such as Freddie Kreuger.

9. See the US-Mexico Border Fence

At the US-Mexico border, there’s a fence that runs into the Pacific ocean designed to keep people from crossing over during low tide. On the other side of the wall is San Diego. The landmark in closest proximity to the beach is the Malecon de Playas de Tijuana.

10. Spend Time Outdoors at Parque Morelos

One of the main attractions of this popular city park is a zoological garden containing several rare animal species, including albino tigers, reptiles, camels and more.

If you’re traveling with children, there’s plenty for them to do as well. The park’s Aquatic Zone has two swimming pools with water slides. There’s also the ‘Little Penny’ train that you can use to travel to different areas of the park.

Most patients allow at least seven days for their trip to Tijuana for weight loss surgery. But post-op, you’ll require rest in order to recover from surgery and you’ll have limited mobility, which is why we recommend arriving early and scheduling all activities prior to surgery.

If you have any travel-related questions for your trip to Tijuana, please contact us and we’ll help you plan accordingly.