Accommodations Designed for Bariatric Patients

We have carefully selected 4-star hotel accommodations that provide the most comfort for yours and your companion’s stay, and Grand Hotel Tijuana is the ideal place to provide that comfort. Located in close proximity to the mi Doctor and CER hospitals, central business district, Rio shopping center, and Casino Caliente – all of which are only 10 miles from downtown San Diego – Grand Hotel Tijuana is the ultimate location for our guests’ recovery. The Grand Care guest rooms are specially designed, equipped, and staffed with 24-hour nursing care to provide an ideal place for patients and companions to rest and relax. Within walking distance, you’ll find Starbucks and fast food restaurants in addition to traditional Mexican cuisine. The Grand Hotel Tijuana also has a food court, spa, exercise room, and nail salon.

A 2016 report stated that there are 11 million medical tourists annually, and 1.4 million of those are Americans.