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ALM is dedicated to helping you find ways to finance your weight loss journey. Do not let the lack of finances or insurance coverage hinder your hopes of getting bariatric surgery. Inquire about financing your weight loss surgery with medical financial services companies and achieve your weight loss goals today. We can help you connect with companies who lend money to people who have been turned down by insurance, or who lack the capital required. Below are the best places to start if you’re looking for options to help.

ALM offers a very flexible payment plan. A small deposit of $500 is due to hold your surgery date. Payment can be set up with your coordinator to give you enough time to have your balance paid in full by the time your surgery date arrives. We allow our patients to book as far ahead as two years to provide enough time to be able to make payments affordable for you and your family. MAKE A PAYMENT »

Financing surgery is quite similar to financing a car. These medical financial service companies pay all associated costs of your surgery up front; following a successful surgery, you being a financing plan in order to repay the loan.

Typically chosen in monthly payments, you will begin repayment of the loan with principal (loan amount) and interest (cost of funds). The principal of the loan will be made up of all the costs (hospital and surgeon fees, airfare, etc.) loaned to you for your surgery. The interest of the loan will be money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of the money lent. The interest rate will depend on your financial standing (credit history, current income, etc.), the length of the loan term, and the amount of money needed.

Secured loans are very simple. Most banks will allow you to use your home, car, and/or property to obtain a secure loan to help pay for surgery. Simply call your bank and ask for information on secured loans for medical purposes. All banks have slightly different terms. It may be worth it to ask around at more than one lending institution to find the best terms for you.

Unsecured medical loan through one of our preferred direct lenders
Please call any of our preferred direct lenders for questions and to begin the application process for an unsecured medical loan. They will be happy to walk you through that process.

Some retirement plans offer medical loans. If you’re unsure if your plan offers this, call your human resources department and ask. Your plan liaison will have the information regarding whether or not this is a possibility and what the process is to apply for this loan.

As with retirement plan loans, some life insurance policies offer loans against equity. Simply call your insurance agent and ask if this is something that’s available to you.

Your human resources liaison or banking associate will be able to give you the information on your plans to see if you’re able to use those funds to pay for your surgery. Just give them a call and see what options you have available to you.

Medicard has been offering financing programs to Canadians since 1996. The initial goal was to be “the company” that Canadians would think of when in need of a medical, dental, or veterinary procedure or product. Medicard is your solution to finding information or financing a procedure or product.

Financing Companies

Citerra Finance
Serving US and Canada
We finance your surgery plus travel expense.

For Canadian Patients
Medicard has been offering finance programs to Canadians since 1996.

NOTE: Some Canadian provinces will refund some costs of surgery done outside Canada.


Financing your surgery can change your quality of life: decrease your risk of heart attack, decrease your risk of stroke, decrease the risk of other diseases, and more.

Travel Information

A Lighter Me’s patient advocates will be there before and after your surgery to answer your questions and assist you from our Welcome Center at the Grand Hotel Tijuana to your recovery in the hospital. The only thing you’ll have to do is arrange for your round trip air travel from your nearest airport to the San Diego airport (SAN). Our drivers will be there to pick you up and take you safely across the border.

Your flight should arrive in San Diego (SAN) between 12:00pm 6:00pm (Pacific time). If your flight arrives after our last pickup time for the day, you will need to arrange a hotel stay for the night in San Diego. Your return flight should depart some time after 1:00 pm.

Find discount airline prices at OneTravel and book your airfare to San Diego (SAN). You’ll get special prices on airline tickets and you’ll also find discount rates on an overnight hotel stay in San Diego and rental cars if necessary.

If you live within driving distance of San Diego, you can park at Border Station Parking in San Ysidro, just one block north of the U.S./Mexico border.

One of our drivers will pick you up at the arranged time. The Border Station provides a fully staffed, fenced parking facility that is open 24 hours, with security cameras and lighting. You can find directions and other information on the Border Station web site.

If you’ll be parking at your home airport, you can get discounted rates and information on over 400 airport parking lots when you arrange your parking ahead of time.

You will need a valid passport or passport card to cross the border from the United States into Mexico. Please note that U.S. passport cards are to be used only for ground border crossings only, and are not suitable for air travel. Patients traveling from Canada or other countries will need a valid passport. Your patient coordinator knows the requirements for documentation for travelling to Mexico, so please don’t hesitate to ask them if you have questions. U.S. citizens can visit the U.S. State Department website to apply if you don’t already have a valid U.S. passport or passport card. Canadian citizens can find out more at the Canadian passport website.

You won’t need money for anything related to your surgery, but you may want extra spending money for shopping, excursions, and sightseeing. Please note that the daily exchange rate is dynamic, and will fluctuate depending on where and when you exchange your money. There are many ATMs and banks available to retrieve money or exchange dollars to pesos.

With more than 55 years of helping protect travel investments, Travelex Insurance is among the most experienced in the industry. You’re about to go on a trip that will change your life. Isn’t it important to make sure your investment is protected? Protect your travel investment with Travelex Insurance

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