A clear liquid diet allows for time to heal, and to make sure that your body can tolerate anything by mouth. This diet usually lasts for 1–2 days after your operation.

At first, take in liquids every six hours, about two ounces at a time. Gradually increase your intake of liquids to 6 to 8 ounces every hour. Drink very slowly and refrain from gulping.

Because this diet does not contain enough nutrients, it is important to take your chewable multivitamins, calcium, B12 and iron as directed.

Clear Liquids List

  • Water: Plain or flavored, non-carbonated, non-sparkling*
  • Clear broths or bouillons: Fat-free**
  • Coffees and teas: caffeine-free; no milk, cream or artificial creamers
  • Apple, cranberry, grape, orange juice: No pulp. Mix juice with water, with equal amounts of juice and water.
  • Crystal Light or equivalent sugar-free Kool-Aid type drinks
  • Gelatin: Sugar-free
  • Popsicles: Sugar-free

* You may drink regular tap water or drink any available bottled waters. There are flavored waters that are sugar-free and non-carbonated, with few to no calories. Examples include Fruite 2.0, Propel, and Fuze Splenderize. Available at Wal-mart, Sam’s Club and grocery or health food stores.

** You can get broths and bouillons either already made in the can that are 99% fat free (e.g., Swanson, College Inn, Banquet or store brand), or you can find them in cube or powdered form (e.g., Herb-Ox, Wyler’s-Ox Knorr).

Clear Liquid Diet Sample Menu

1/2 hour before breakfast:

Breakfast, 8:00 am:
1 oz. juice, apple or cranberry, reduced calorie
Lite chicken broth
Sugar-free Jello
Decaf coffee or tea with Splenda (no milk or creamer)

1/2 hour after breakfast:

Mid-morning snack, 10:00 am:
2 oz. juice

1/2 hour before lunch:

Lunch, 12:00 pm:
2 oz. juice, grapefruit (no sugar added)
Beef broth
Sugar-free Jello
Decaf coffee or tea with Splenda (no milk or creamer)

1/2 hour after lunch:

Mid-afternoon snack, 3:00 pm:
2 oz. fruit juice or sugar-free popsicle

1/2 hour before dinner:

Dinner, 5:00 pm:
2 oz. white grape juice (no sugar added)
Chicken broth
Sugar-free Jello
Crystal Light
Sugar-free sorbet
Decaf coffee or tea with Splenda (no milk or creamer)

1/2 hour after dinner:

Evening snack:
2 oz. fruit juice or sugar-free Jello

In between meals, drink water and other no-calorie or sugar-free, non-carbonated beverages.

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