Dr. Mariano  Covarrubias, Bariatrics

Dr. Covarrubias is an expert surgeon with over 17 years of experience in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. As a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine and Medical General at the UABC, and more than 3,000 bariatric procedures performed in Tijuana, Dr. Covarrubias is prepared to meet all demands in bariatric surgeries.

Professional License Number: 2342032

Specialty Card: 4010195

Specialty: General Surgery at Tijuana General Hospital, 1995–1999.

Laparoscopic and obesity surgery at Regional General Hospital of The Social Security Mexican Institute, January 2000–Present, with Dr. Lopez Corvala

Current Practices: General Surgeon and Professor of Laparoscopic Surgery at Private Practice of Regional General Hospital IMSS Tijuana

Dr. Mariano Covarrubias

Professional Experience

President of the College of General Surgeons Tijuana, 2007

Training as a teacher in courses of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Obesity, 2004

Diploma in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Obesity from Xochicalcos University, 2002–2004

Certified by the Mexican Council Of General Surgery in 1999

Specializing in General Surgery at the General Hospital of Tijuana, 1995–1999

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Medical General at UABC, 1988–1994

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Training Courses

Laparoscopic colon surgery, June 2006

Training as a professor of advanced laparoscopic surgery, June 2004–October 2005

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (spleen and obesity surgeries, hiatal hernia repair, inguinal hernia, et al), June 2002–May 2004

Gastric sleeve training, 2003–Present

Gastric band professor, 2001–Present

Adjustable gastric banding system and lap band system workshop, May 2001

Laparoscopic gynecology training, 2000

Robotic surgery, October 1999

Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair, 1999