Dr. JP Fernandez

JP Fernandez MD FACS, Bariatrics

Dr. JP Fernandez has 10 years experience in Laparoscopic surgery. He graduated medical school at UAG in Guadalajara, Laparoscopic and General Surgery at a 3rd level concentration general hospital of the government (SS), specializing in bariatric and metabolic surgery based in Tijuana. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS) and is a Certified Surgeon by the Mexican Boards (CMCG) and multiple International organizations. His team of experts are dedicated to offer the best, most efficient and secure treatments for handling obesity and metabolic diseases through weight loss surgery. Our main motivation is providing a life renewal program which enables patients to be fully satisfied with their body, matching their inner and outer self-image while offering a better, healthier lifestyle without physical and emotional limitations.

Birthplace: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Current Residence: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Professional License: 5529040

Specialty Card: 8025464

Qualifications: Degree in Medicine (2001–2007) Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara

Specialty: Specialty in Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery (2016-2016) Hospital Angeles, Tijuana. Director: Dr. Juan Antonio Lopez Coravala. Coordinator: Dr. Fernando Guzman Cordero

Active Memberships: Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), Consejo Mexicano de Cirugia General (CMCG), Asociacion Mexiciana de Cirugia Endoscopica (AMCE), International Federation for Surgery in Obesity (IFSO), Colegio Mexicano de Cirugia de Obesidad Y Enfermedades Metabolicas (CMCOEM)

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Professional Experience

  • Internship – Medical Center ISSSTESON, August 2005 – July 2006
  • Social Service – Bahía de Kino Rural Health Center SSA, August 2006 – July 2007
  • General Medicine Practice – Health Secretary, Kino Bay Rural Health Center, October 2007 – April 2008
  • Telemedicine State Coordinator – Secretary of Sound Health, April 2008 – July 2008
  • Border Health Commission – Binational Border Health Commission, July 2008 – October 2008, Head of Nogales Headquarters, Sonora.
  • Government Health Program Director – General Directorate of Health Services to the Person – SSA, Operational Director of the Caravan Health Program, October 2008 – February 2009
  • Surgery Residence – National Autonomous University of Mexico
    • Hospital General Cd. Obregon, March 2009 – February 2010
    • General Hospital of the State of Sonora, March 2010 – February 2013
    • IMSS Clinic 14 and Clinic 2 – IMSS Hermosillo Sonora, June 2013
  • Private Medical Emergencies – Integral System of Medical Administration Siam Hermosillo, Hermosillo Sonora, February 2013 – February 2016
  • Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatrics – Institutional Surgical Practice, Dr. Ignacio Chavez Medical Center – ISSSTESON Hermosillo Sonora, February 2013 – March 2015
  • Specialty in Bariatrics and Metabolic Surgery – Hospital Angeles, Tijuana. Director: Dr. Juan Antonio Lopez Coravala. Coordinator: Dr. Fernando Guzman Cordero, March 2015 – February 2016


Consejo Mexicano De Cirugia General
Cirugía para la Obesidad, CMCOEM