Life After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Anyone who has undergone gastric sleeve surgery will tell you it’s not easy. But they will also tell you that it’s rewarding, and — if you stick with it — you’ll lose weight, improve your eating habits, and develop an overall healthier lifestyle.

To get an idea of what to expect when you have your own vertical sleeve gastrectomy with A Lighter Me, read about Melody’s, Indira’s and Chelsey’s experiences below.

In addition, check out their videos to hear firsthand about their best and worst moments, and to pick up some tips on how to adjust to your body post-op.

Melody Lost 70 pounds in One Year

Melody had her gastric sleeve operation with A Lighter Me in July 2015. When she went in for surgery, she weighed 208 pounds. Prior to surgery, the highest weight she reached was 245 pounds, and she had maintained her weight at 220 pounds for eight years.

After the first week post-op, she weighed 202 pounds — six pounds lighter than her weight going into surgery. During that time, she was on a full liquid diet but she was able to eat some pureed foods. She ate yogurt and protein powder to ensure she was getting enough protein.

She did not experience any problems following her surgery other than an allergic reaction to her medication that resulted in some itching.

One year following her procedure, Melody had dropped to 138 pounds — a total weight loss of 70 pounds. She is extremely happy with her results.

Before she eats anything, melody decides if it is good for her health or not. Instead of overindulging in sweets and junk food, she eats them in moderation; she says using unhealthy foods as a reward encourages her to maintain an overall healthy diet.

Some of Melody’s go-to foods include shrimp, Power Crunch bars and salads, and she supplements her food with vitamins. To stay hydrated, she drinks Gatorade, Propel and Aquafina Flavor Splash. She also drinks one cup of coffee with sugar every day.

Two years following her surgery, Melody managed to maintain her weight loss; she still weighed 138 pounds. She said it fluctuates between 135 and 140 pounds.

“I am happy and have so much more confidence now.”

She’s also incorporated exercise into her routine. She regularly goes to the gym, where she lifts weights and does cardio exercises.

Melody said the most difficult parts post-op are dealing with some sagging skin, some periods of pain and controlling her eating habits. But overall, she’s happy with her size-6 figure.

Indira Lost 42 Pounds in 26 Weeks

Indira had her vertical sleeve gastrectomy in March 2016. Her starting weight was 198 pounds. After the pre-op diet, she weighed 190 when she went in for surgery.

One week following surgery, Indira had already lost 9 pounds, bringing her weight down to 181. She did not experience any difficulties following surgery, and she was able to spend time with her husband and walk around afterward.

In 12 weeks, Indira weighed 164 pounds, bringing her total weight loss to 26 pounds. She went clothes shopping and found out that she was able to wear a size 8.

However, Indira wasn’t completely satisfied with her progress. She said her biggest problem was eating too many carbs. But she also was not drinking enough water, and she was not exercising to supplement her diet.

Indira also discovered that she was an emotional eater, so she made it one of her goals to curb that behavior.

At 26 weeks, Indira weighed 146 pounds and felt really good about the progress she had made. On average, she was losing about 1.8 pounds per week. In terms of her figure, she had lost 5 inches in her chest and 8 inches in her hips.

“This is what I really wanted (and) the fact that I am not hungry helps me a lot.”

One of her biggest goals at this point was to improve her eating habits because she felt herself returning to her old habits, like eating at McDonald’s. At this point, Indira had not started regularly exercising either.

However, she had started drinking more water, and she was consistently taking her vitamins. Instead of swallowing pills, Indira used calcium and iron patches, which gave her more energy.

Chelsey Lost 42 Pounds in 26 weeks

Chelsey had gastric sleeve surgery in January 2017. She weighed 297 pounds before starting the pre-op diet but was only 282 pounds right before the procedure.

In her first week following surgery, she lost 7 pounds, but her weight fluctuated quite a bit. Chelsey did not give her exact weight and stated that her weight is going up and down.

Chelsey experienced some pain immediately following surgery — primarily in her stomach and her shoulders. She compared the stomach pain to how you feel after doing sit-ups.

She also experienced some nausea and had some trouble keeping her protein shakes down, although she didn’t have any problems eating dairy foods, such as yogurt. Chelsey said figuring out what your body was and was not ready for was a trial and error process.

At the 12-week mark, Chelsey had lost 42 pounds — not counting what she lost during the pre-op diet. Her weight had dropped to 240, and for the first time in her life, she wore a two-piece bathing suit to the beach during a trip she took to Florida.

But — at this point — Chelsey felt like her body was starting to adjust to her new, healthy diet, which was comprised of mostly nuts, fruits and meats.

About six months following surgery, Chelsey’s weight had dropped to 217 pounds. She also noted that her bra size had dropped. She was maintaining steady weight loss by limiting her portions.

“I was able to educate people on what the surgery was and why I had it.”

Chelsey’s biggest concern at this point in the process was that a lot of her excess weight was in her abdomen. Because of this, she was considering a tummy tuck.

She also was considering skin removal surgery to get rid of the saggy skin resulting from her weight loss.

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