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Hospital Mi Doctor


Hospital Mi Doctor is a large medical facility located in Tijuana, Mexico that houses multiple surgical rooms where bariatric surgeries are performed on a daily basis. A Lighter Me’s doctors use Hospital Mi Doctor because it is highly regarded as an excellent facility and is a short trip from San Diego.

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Procedures Performed at Hospital Mi Doctor

A Lighter Me uses Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana, Mexico for our bariatric procedures including the following:

Distance from San Diego, California

Hospital Mi Doctor is well known for handling weight loss surgeries in Mexico and is less than 20 miles from downtown San Diego (roughly a 35 minute drive) and about 2 miles from the United States border.

A map of directions form San Diego, California USA to Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana Mexico

Hospital Mi Doctor is less than 20 miles from downtown San Diego, California.

Its proximity to the US border makes it one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism and weight loss surgeries. Every year there are thousands of surgeries peformed in Hospital Mi Doctor that help individuals achieve the body image they’re looking for.

We provide transportation from the San Diego airport to Tijuana, so all you will need to cross the border is a valid passport or passport card. Mexico awaits!