The Best Places to Visit in Baja California Near Tijuana

Straddling the border between the United States and Mexico, Tijuana — affectionately called “TJ” by locals — is known as “The Gateway to Mexico.” And it’s not only one of the best places to visit in Baja California; it’s a world-renowned destination. In fact,  Tijuana is the world’s most visited border city.

But Tijuana isn’t the only draw for people heading to Baja; there are several other nearby tourist destinations that are worth checking out while you’re in town for your weight loss procedure. Some are close enough for a quick day trip, while others may require an overnight stay. Keep reading to learn more about what each nearby destination has to offer. Important: Patients of A Lighter Me receive car service from San Diego to Tijuana and back by our professional drivers. This article is intended for information purposes only and does not reflect your personal experience with A Lighter Me.

Map of best places to travel in Baja California.

San Diego

Although San Diego’s not technically in Baja, it’s just north of the Mexican border and only about 20 miles from Tijuana, making it extremely accessible by car or public transportation. It boasts pleasant weather and an endless stretch of white sandy beaches.

From Tijuana, you can easily take the Tourismo Express Shuttle Bus to the border and then hop on the red trolley, which will put you right in the heart of San Diego’s downtown area.

The city offers a wide range of activities for visitors. There’s the internationally acclaimed San Diego Zoo, which makes a great day trip for friends, couples and families. At night, you can unwind in the city’s famous Gaslamp Quarter, which is considered the city’s entertainment hub.

Those are just a couple of the city’s attractions. Depending on how much you want to see, you could easily stay for two or three nights.

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For the traveler seeking natural beauty and historic charm, Tecate promises to be a memorable getaway. Situated east of Tijuana, just over 30 miles away, this destination is a short trip by car or a local bus that departs three times a day from Tijuana.

Perfect for a day trip, Tecate offers a break from the urban sprawl of Tijuana, providing space for you to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding outdoors. You could start the day with a serene stroll through the village’s scenic Miguel Hidalgo Park. After that, cap off the day and head to the Rancho La Puerta to refresh yourself with a luxurious spa.


Entitled the “Cinderella of the Pacific,” Ensenada is also on the Western Coast of Baja. It’s an open port for many cruise ships. The picturesque ocean-front city is known for its stunning views and architectural wonders.

Whether you choose to enjoy one of Ventana al Mar’s live musical acts or wander through the historic Rivera del Pacifico will captivate you with its authentic charm. About 65 miles South of Tijuana, it’s accessible by car or bus, and it’s perfect for a two-day visit.


Only 13 miles away, Rosarito is ideal for any traveler looking for a quick change of scenery. The city’s warm weather and beautiful beaches make for a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of Tijuana.

You can hike at Cerro El Coronel, ride horses on Rosarito Beach, or meander through the Baja Art Gallery. This idyllic destination is a short ride by car, taxi, or Uber.

Puerto Nuevo

After unwinding in Rosarito’s calming ambience, travelers can continue on to Puerto Nuevo; it’s only another 13 miles away by car or taxi.

You can start with a relaxing visit to the Spa Ventana al Mar. After some pampering, hit the beach for some sun or go for a swim and enjoy Puerto Nuevo’s rolling waves. The perfect way to wrap up the day is to watch the sun set slowly over the Pacific’s tranquil waters.

There’s a Baja Vacation Spot for Everyone

From stunning natural vistas to picture-perfect beaches to relaxing spas and adventurous hikes, Baja California has something to offer for everyone.

And with Tijuana as a home base, you can quickly travel to all the best locations, including San Diego, Tecate, Ensenada, Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo, each of which will captivate your senses with its stunning beauty and culture.