Why You Should Get Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

It’s been proven that weight loss surgery is an effective way to lose and keep off weight, but bariatric surgery in the US is an expensive undertaking. That’s why so many people opt to have weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. But for people who are not familiar with the neighboring country that’s south of the US border, going there to have an operation can be disconcerting.

Fortunately, Tijuana’s burgeoning medical tourism industry has helped it grow into one of the best places to get weight loss surgery. Keep reading to find out why you should consider going to Tijuana for your bariatric procedure.

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Tijuana is Close to the US Border and a Major US Airport

One of several large Mexican border cities, Tijuana is on the West Coast within the Baja California Peninsula and it’s one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico, It’s only about a 30-minute drive from San Diego, which has an international airport.

Because it’s such a short distance from San Diego, you can easily fly into San Diego International Airport and then drive into Tijuana, which means you only need a passport card as opposed to a passport book to enter and exit Mexico. And when you book your weight loss surgery with A Lighter Me, we provide transportation from the San Diego airport to our facilities in Tijuana.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs Much Less in Tijuana Than in the US

Another advantage of getting weight loss surgery in Tijuana is the cost. It is much cheaper to have a bariatric procedure done in Mexico than in the US.

The difference in costs between bariatric surgery in the US versus Mexico is extreme. Gastric sleeve surgery cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 in the United States. But in Tijuana, the same surgery can start at $4,595. In Tijuana, medications, travel expenses and meals at the hospital while recovering from surgery are also more affordable than in the US.

Some people become skeptical when they see such an extreme difference in costs, but you are not sacrificing quality for cost by getting bariatric surgery in Tijuana. Due to Mexico’s generally lower cost of living, medical services are much cheaper than they are in the US.

Medical Advantages of Getting Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

Due to the high quality and lower cost of healthcare in Mexico, its medical tourism industry has taken off, and cities along the border are some of the most popular destinations for Americans and Canadians looking for more affordable options for bariatric procedures.

Tijuana, in particular, is one of the most popular destinations for people undergoing bariatric surgery, as well as dental procedures. Not only that, but the surgeons in Tijuana are some of the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico; they’re skilled weight loss doctors who specialize in the areas of metabolic and bariatric surgery.

Must-see Attractions in Tijuana

If you are planning to visit Tijuana for your weight loss surgery, there are several places you should visit and things you should do while you’re there. The city offers a historical and culture glimpse into Mexico as a whole, and as long as you follow a few simple rules, you won’t have any concerns regarding safety.

One of the best ways to learn about Tijuana’s culture is visiting its Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT), which features several exhibitions about the history of Tijuana and of Baja California. There also is the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe located in the city center.

The Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Tijuana's city center.

The Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Tijuana’s city center.

On top of its cultural offerings, Tijuana has great shopping districts where you can explore handmade clothing and other items. Some of the most popular shopping areas include:

  • Plaza Rio Tijuana
  • Sanborns
  • Mercado El Popo
  • Plaza Agua Caliente

You also should check out Mercado Hidalgo, an authentic Tijuana market full of fresh produce, crafts and restaurants.

Tijuana is a Great City in Mexico to Get Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery has been a viable way to lose weight and get rid of unwanted fat for many years. But as the cost of gastric sleeve surgery and overall cost of care after the surgery has increased in the US, more people are seeking out more affordable weight loss surgery options elsewhere.

And, due to its proximity to the border, its cost-effective prices and its high-quality medical facilities and experienced surgeons, Tijuana is the best option if you choose to go outside the US for surgery.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting weight loss surgery in Tijuana or have any questions about the bariatric services A Lighter Me offers, please contact us today.