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Lap Band Surgery: The Risks and Side Effects

Home - Weight Loss Surgery Options - Lap Band Surgery - Lap Band Risks and Side Effects

If you're considering have gastric banding surgery, then it's required that you are fully-aware of all the risks and side effects. Most bariatric surgeons will give a detailed chart of the risks and side effects, but we've made a handy guide for you to reference before hand. The issues below do not include the full risks and side effects that somebody may face. Each person is different and may be more susceptible to different issues.

Major Risks of Gastric Banding

Bariatric surgery risks are elevated if people have especially, poor health. People who only face obesity, without co-morbidities like diabetes, asthma or other diseases, will be at less risks than those who do.

Gastric Banding can cause death, during the procedure and after the procedure. But death is not likely to occur, only about 3 per 1000 procedures.

Gallstones can be caused, with a frequency of about 3% of patients. Other issues that may be serious including internal bleeding, and strictures - each issue usually occurs about 2% of patients. Other notable risks include: Infections, Gastrointestinal tract leak, pulmonary embolism, too much weight loss and more.

Other risks associated with the specific implant used, Realize or Lap-Band, may occur. These risks including erosion of the band, slippage and leakage. Other issues may be serious including
gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and more.

Major Side Effects of Gastric Banding

One of the common side effects of adjustable gastric banding is lack of adequate weight loss. Some patients may not lose the desired amount of weight they like. Sometimes this is because of poor post-diet choices, poor exercise regimen and can be solved with additional focus on maintaining a healthy diet. It’s important to stick to the post-operative diet plan in order to avoid adequate weight loss. It’s also important to realize that a lot of side effects are avoidable if you follow your physician’s guidelines.

One of the most common side effects is nausea and vomiting. Most of the time, it’s a diet related issue. But it’s extremely important to contact your physician if you are vomiting as it may be sign of a serious issue.

Another side effect is implant slippage, which is when the band slips off the upper portion of the stomach. Implant leakage, where the band deflates may also occur. Another issue with the band may be rotting, where the band erodes into the stomach.

Side effects that affect the stomach, can be serious and can include stomach pouch enlargement. This typically happens when patients are eating too much, causing the stomach pouch to become

Lastly, the stomach may become blocked by the band, food, improper placement, stomach slippage, and more. This is a very serious issue. These are the major issues that your physician will go over, but other issues can occur. Talk with your bariatric physician today.

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