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ASBS - The American Society for Bariatric Surgery

This site contains excellent information about the different types of bariatric surgery. It is designed for bariatric surgeons, but has background information that can be valuable to patients.

International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO)

American College of Surgeons (ACS)


Below is a list of commonly used words and phrases associated with bariatric and plastic surgery.

Wls = Weight Loss Surgery

Fat Reduction Surgery = weight loss surgery

Gastric Bypass = roux en y bypass

Laparoscope Surgery = AKA keyhole surgery

Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication = surgery to resolve reflux

Laparoscopic Surgery = using small incisions

Morbid Obesity Surgery = surgery on bmi above 40

Obesity = bmi above 30

Fat Transfer Surgery = from of plastic surgery

Morbid Obesity = having a bmi above 40

Gastric Bypass Pill = diet pill claiming to provide same result as surgery

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass = bypass via laparoscope

Roux en y Gastric Bypass Surgery = one method of gastric bypass

RNY = roux en y

DS = duodenal switch

Duodenal Switch = a type of weight loss surgery

Obesity Surgery = refers to any type of weight loss surgery, stomach stapling, etc.

Gastric Banding = adjustable or non-adjustable band

Gastric Bypass Surgery = roux en y or duodenal switch

Weight Loss Surgeries = any form of surgery to treat morbid obesity

Lap Banding = placing of an adjustable gastric band

Adjustable Gastric Band = Band surgically placed to reduce stomach size

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery = a version of the gastric bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass = similar to the roux en y bypass

Lap Band = brand name of Inamed’s adjustable gastric band

Lap Band Procedure = the method used to place the band during surgery

Lap Band Weight Loss = amount of weight loss the patient should expect

Lapband = some people will spell this as one word, but is actually spelled “Lap-Band”

Bariatric Surgery = weight loss surgery

Lap Band Mexico = this refers to the popular practice of obtaining surgery in Mexico

Gastric Bypass Mexico = refers to bypass taking place in Mexico

Lap Band System = Inamed’s reference to their adjustable gastric band

Stomach Reduction Surgery = a weight loss surgery that creates a stomach pouch

Gastric Banding Procedure = the method used of placing the band

Gastric Banding Surgery = the event of placing a gastric band

Bariatric Surgery = refers to any surgery to treat morbid obesity

Weight Loss Surgery Options = several surgical procedures available

Laparoscopic = any surgery done using keyhole approach

Weightloss Surgery = sometimes referred to as this instead of weight loss surgery

Gastric Bypass = any surgery via any approach to treat morbid obesity

Pouch = the area surgically created to hold food

Gastric Pouch = stomach pouch

Stomach Pouch = same as gastric pouch

Restrictive Procedure for Weight Loss = reduces the size of the stomach only – no malabsorption

Malabsorption Procedure = re-routing of intestines to produce weight loss

Combination Procedure Surgery = refers to surgery utilizing both restriction and malabsorption

Restrictive / Malabsorption Procedure = combining both procedure to produce more weight loss

Biliopancreatic Diversion = a mainly malabsorption procedure to produce weight loss

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch = a newer version combining restrictive and malabsorption

Gastric Sleeve = a purely restrictive procedure removing and stapling the stomach

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy = gastric sleeve sometimes known as sleeve gastrectomy

Vertical Gastrectomy = uses a non-adjustable band and staples off a section of the stomach

VG = vertical Gastrectomy

VBG = vertical banded gastrectomy

Cosmetic Surgery = plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery = cosmetic surgery

Tummy Tuck = removes excess skin from abdomen

Abdominoplasty = tummy tuck

Body Lift = removes excess skin from several areas of the body

Thigh Lift = tightens the skin on thighs

Face Lift = remove wrinkles and tightens the skin of the face

Botox = injectable substance used to wrinkle removal

Breast Augmentation = surgery to enlarge breasts

Breast Lift = tightens and lifts the breasts

Breast Reduction = surgery to reduce breast size

Liposuction = removes fat from the body

Buttock Augmentation = enlarges the buttock

Buttock Lift = tightens the skin of the buttock

Arm Lift = removes excess skin on the upper arms

Brachioplasty = arm lift

Nose Job = reconstructs the nose

Rhinoplasty = nose job

Chin Augmentation = enlarges the chin

Mesotherapy = injections to dissolve fat

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