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Success Stories: Gastric Banding (Lap-Band) Surgery

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Below are patient success stories of people who've undergone gastric banding surgery with View all of our bariatric surgery success stories or visit our youtube channel.

Gastric Banding Surgery Testimonials

MeShawn: MeShawn has also undergone Lap-Band surgery. She is back to enjoying life in a positve way. She researched and discovered her surgeon online - right where you are now. It's time to start enjoying a healthier life.

Thanks to A Lighter Me I was able to afford the surgery to get my life back! My insurance company excludes all types of bariatric surgery. With a limited budget, I set out to find a good surgeon that I could afford. A Lighter Me put me in touch with my surgeon. They took care of all the arrangements, covered my hotel and even included a cell for while I was there! It was nice not to have to stress over everything that goes along with traveling away from home for surgery. My surgeon was fabulous. Thanks again!

Gastric Banding Surgery: What is it?

Gastric banding surgery, often called Lap-Band surgery, is a restrictive weight loss surgery. In this relatively simple laparoscopic procedure, a implant is placed around the upper portion of the stomach to restrict a patient's capacity - inducing weight loss.

Gastric Banding has similar expected weight loss with the gastric sleeve surgery. View the following pages for further information about the gastric banding surgery.

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