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Weight Loss Surgeons in Mexico

Dr. Elias Ortiz Surgical Team

Sandy has lost over 100 lbs!

For those struggling with obesity, traditional weight loss methods may fail to provide weight reduction. Those people, whose obesity can cause serious health-related problems, can seek another method of providing an answer to obesity - Bariatric or Weight Loss Surgery. Obesity Weight-Loss Surgery can help obese individuals lose weight while also provide permanence to maintaining a healthy weight. Our bariatric surgery resource guide will help educate people through the whole process. Bariatric and metabolic surgery can also help with type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and even cancer.

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Weight Loss Surgery Surgeons


Dr. Elias Ortiz
Dr. Elias Ortiz

Our organization is dedicated to excellence. Our surgeons have been specifically chosen because they are experts in their field. We understand the weight loss surgery patient, as our staff is made up of weight loss surgery patients. We know how difficult, confusing and time consuming it can be to research your options, find all the facts and choose the best surgeon.

The bariatric surgeons we represent have been carefully screened. They are top in their field, they have a true passion for their work and are dedicated to their patients. Our lead surgeons are bariatric surgeons who have in some way been recognized for their contribution to weight loss and/or minimally invasive surgery. Please take the time to read our surgeon’s credentials -- we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Dr Jose Luis CurielA Lighter Me would like to welcome Dr. Jose Curiel and his surgical team to our growing staff of expert surgeons. Dr. Curiel has performed over 3,000 bariatric procedures and over 10,000 laparosopic surgeries. His expert team is a natural addition to the A Lighter Me organization. We're honored to represent him.

Dr Jose Luis CurielA Lighter Me would also like to welcome Dr. Mariano Covarrubias and his surgical team to the ALM family of weight loss surgeons. Dr. Covarrubias is one of the most experienced surgeons in Mexico and has served as Professor of Laparoscopic Surgery At the Regional General Hospital IMSS Tijuana.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

We offer adjustable gastric band surgery using the Lap Band by Allergan (formerly INAMED) or the newly FDA approved Johnson and Johnson Realize Bands, the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), the Gastric Sleeve Plication and Roux en Y Gastric Bypass (RNY) all performed using Laparoscopic approach by expert surgeons. Revision surgery is also offered for people who have regained weight after their surgery.

   Gastric Bypass Gastric Sleeve (VSG)   Mini Bypass
• Hospital & Hotel stay
• Pre & Post-Op Medication
• Surgery & Anesthesia
• Ground Transportation

  from $5,900
• Hospital & Hotel stay
• Pre & Post-Op Medication
• Surgery & Anesthesia
• Ground Transportation

  from $4,400
• Hospital & Hotel stay
• Pre & Post-Op Medication
• Surgery & Anesthesia
• Ground Transportation

  from $6,100
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Weight Loss Surgery Costs

The costs of weight loss surgery can be quite expensive and intimidating. Cost of Weight Loss Surgery for obesity, such as Gastric Bypass Surgery, is high - and sometime not covered by insurance. The average costs of weight loss surgery procedures can be tens of thousands of dollars ($20,000-$35,000). But having weight loss surgery in Mexico, can bring the cost down to as low as $4,400. With top, and well-respected surgeons in Mexico, now is the time to request more information about weight loss surgery in Mexico.

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