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Dental Services Team

Affordable Dental Services in Mexico.


The Nakeji Dental Group started as a dental laboratory in 2004, providing a high standard of quality services. Since 2011 we have offered our services to the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC), Tijuana campus and campus Valle de las Palmas. In 2010 we gathered a select group of specialists to provide dental service of the highest quality and a wonderful warmth. Our continued growth as a dental clinic, is in part thanks to our acceptance and recommendation of our patients, has given us the opportunity to expand our facilities to our current location to provide better service.

Our Tijuana facilities include two fully equipped operative suites for surgical procedures, and digital x-rays, give patients greater certainty and clarity for diagnosing treatment. We can provide complete dental rehabilitation in as little as three days.

A Lighter Me Dental Services Price List - July 2015
Procedure Price Approx.
# Appts.
First appointment Oral evaluation $15.00 20min 1
Periodic Oral Evaluation $18.00 20min 1
Deep cleaning (per quadrant) $85.00 1-2 hrs 1-2
Prophylaxis (adult cleaning) $50.00 45min 1
Prophylaxis (child) $30.00 30min 1
Topical Application of Fluoride (child) $20.00 20min 1
Sealant (per tooth) $30.00 30min 1
Resin Based Composite
(one surface - anterior)
$50.00 30min 1
Resin Based Composite
(two surface - posterior)
$60.00 45min 1
Porcelain Crown (porcelain fused to metal) $299.00 1hr 2*
Zircon crown (porcelain fused to zircon) $499.00 1hr 2
Ceramic Crown $399.00 1hr 2*
Full metal crown $250.00 1hr 2*
Veneer (porcelain laminate) $550.00 1hr 2*
Root canal (molar) $300.00 1-2hr 1-2
Root canal (from incisors to bicuspid ́s) $270.00 1-2hr 1-2
Core Buildup (including any pins) $85.00 30min 1-2
Dental Implant (titanium implant and abutment) $1,550.00 2hrs 2-3
Bone Replacement Graft $300.00 1hr 1
Complete Denture (resin teeth ́s each) $550.00 30mi 2*
Complete denture set (resin teeth ́s mandibular and maxillary) $999.00 45min 2*
One side partial Denture (cast metal) $230.00 45min 2*
Two sides partial Denture (cast metal) $450.00 45min 2*
Two sides partial Denture (flexible base) $350.00 30min 2*
One side partial Denture (flexible base) $550.00 30min 2*
Tooth extraction $50-$80 1hr 1
Expose third molar extraction $90.00 1-2hrs 1
Surgical Removal of third molar $160-$250 1-2hrs 1
Comprehensive Orthodontic (full Treatment) $1,999.00 1hr -
Occlusal Guard, by Report $50.00 30min 1
External Bleaching - 2 arch $199.00 1-2hrs 1

*these procedures can be done in the same day, only if the patient has their appointment at 9:00am, 10:00am and 11:00am

Appointments are available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Our new facilities have the necessary equipment to provide a full range of dental services from dental cleaning to multiple dental implant surgery. We can also provide dental crowns and same day appointments 9:00 am, 10:00 am and 11:00 am Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am.

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